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How to use a bulk cement tanker trailer?

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How to use a bulk cement tanker trailer?

1. Air inlet valve fully opened, sliding material value half opened. Other value closed


2. Start the diesel engine and adjust Accelerator to ensure the tachometer stay around 880-950r/min.
3. When the pressure value reached 0.18MPa, open the discharge assistor first. Then open the discharge value. (If the discharge height is up to 15m, close the bottom blow assistor after 20 seconds opening.)
4. When the pressure falls to 0.05MPa means that the discharge process comes to an end.
5. In a particular case when there is remaining ash, please following above steps and begin to discharge again.
6. When the discharge pipe is blocked, keep the air compressor running. Open the deflate device first. Then close discharge assistor. After turn on and off the discharge value several times, it can be dredged.


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