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Lowboy Semi Trailer Manufacture Client Visit

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Customer Come Visit FUDENG Low Bed Semi Trailer Factory

Our African customer booked 3 sets HOWO dump trucks and 2 sets low bed semi trailer month ago, that was our customer first time come China, we helped the customer book the high speed train tickets, and pick up customer in the train station.

After the customer visit our factory, checked our products produce progress, the customer very like our products and our factory spirit, we think same, high quality is the most important. We talked very good, the prices we offered to the customer makes him very happy, low price for high quality products, only can we do this!

3 Axles Lowboy Semi Trailer Used Abnormal Machinery Construction Equipment Transportation

Max Capacity: 80 Tons

Wide: 3 Meters

Extension: 500mm each side

Loading Deck Length: 11.8 Meters

Rear Ramps: Mechanical

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