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New 10 units dump tipper trailer order finished produce

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Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd as a semi-trailer production factory with a professional production line for dump semi trailer, it only took 15 days to complete the order of 10 units dump semi trailer. The production of 10 units semi trailer started at the same time and ended at the same time, which not only ensured a short production cycle, but also guaranteed our production quality for customers.

Dump tipper trailer used to transport grain, sand, gravel, bauxite and other construction material...... High quality semi trailer can not only improve your work efficiency, as long as the regular inspection, our semi truck's long service life, but also can save you a large amount of maintenance costs

Shanodng Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd have professional trailer design enigneer team, can meet customers different demand. Tell us your requirements, give you a satisified feedback.
Customers new 10 units dump trailer order have finished produce, will start shipping in the middle of March.

If you have interested in our semi trailer, feel free to inquiry.

Welcome to visit our factory.

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