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6 units fence trailer finished produce start shipping

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6 units 4 axles fence semi trailer finished produce, and start shipping this week. This is used in Mali transport heavy goods, we used 14 tons axle to ensure that customers can transport 100 tons of goods in bad road conditions without any problems. double side wall add one fence , improve trailer Improve loading capacity the best choose for bulk cargo transport customer.

the side wall and fence all deatchable design , not only convenient customer loading and unloading cargo, also help customer save the cost of shipping. We use 2 units fence trailer stack together to transport , we put the removed side wall , fence and tires are placed between the two fence semi trailers to help customers reduce the cost of sea freight,

Using the semi trailer's own tightener to stack and tie up for many times makes the vehicle more stable in the process of transportation

If you have interested in our trailer, welcome to ask more information.

You aslo can tell us your transport needs, we will provide you the best trailer design solution.

Looking forward can have good cooperation with you.

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