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side wall trailer how to design can used as side tipper trailer?

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Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd as professional semitrailer manufacture , the first thing we do for our customer is to according to them transport needs to design the best suitable for them used semi trailer.
These side tipper trailer customer have grain ( in bulk) and container transport need, he want to use side tipper trailer to unloading bulk grain more convenient. We provide the side wall trailer used as side tipper trailer design to him, there have 12 units container lock, can meet his container transport need, the side tipper trailer use 1.2m side wall, the height is the best choose for customer to transport bulk goods. 

There are also removable pull rod support between the two sides of the walls, making the box more solid.

12 units container lock transport one 40ft container or two 20ft container

side tipper lifting system help customer unloading bullk goods more convenient

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Looking forward our high quality trailer can help your business do more better

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